Vol I Lesson 80

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #80

August 30, 1989




My people live with malice. Malice is spite!  My people live with spite and in spitefulness of others. Their words are words of vengeance and spite.


Where is the absence of this malice?  “Where?” I ask.  When will My people live with love and not with malice?  “When?” I ask.  Why do My people live with spite and hatred?  “Why?” I ask.


There is far too much spite and envy, and only on rare and few occasions can My Love and goodness be received.  I offer to all only happiness, but My happiness is not the happiness they desire! They seek out a happiness to console their malice!


My people are not allowing Me to give to them the many gifts of My fruitful virtues. That is why I have told you that My Mother shall not be able to give new messages, because My people do not live the current ones. That is why I tell you My teachings shall be limited, because My people will not grasp My teachings and live My words by changing their hearts.


The reason stems from their malice and spitefulness, from the hatred which controls their lives, and from the envy which dwells in the core of their souls—envy which is poison and the venom of death.


Why cannot My people put aside their self-centeredness and absorb My words? I will not continue to teach if they continue to deny Me. My people are so concerned about who I speak to, instead of the words I speak! They criticize and condemn the actions of others, instead of recognizing their own actions!  My people are responsible for destroying My goodness because of their malice!


Do you not know that those you hate and dislike identify the truth about yourself?  How many times have I said: “Do not be concerned with how others offend you, but be concerned and prudent about how you offend others.” These words, My people, are for each one of you!


Stop living with malice and envy!  Stop condemning others, for it will be your condemnation.  Stop seeking attention by taking credit for My words, for this shall deceive you.  Stop living in spite and hatred.


I warn you, My people, and this warning shall be the last.  My Love is pure and unconditional.  Do not call yourselves “children of God” if you love conditionally.  Do not call yourselves “children of peace” if you live with malice, envy and hatred.  Do not deceive yourselves!


Know the truth, for it is you who are responsible for the destruction of the world which was once created in the beauty of My Father.  Know My Father’s delicate creative Hands are also strong and can destroy instantly all evil created by you!  Fear My Father Who is your Father. Live with absence of malice, and pray for peace to reign in your hearts!