Vol I Lesson 81

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson #81

August 31, 1989





My dear child, when people are at peace with themselves, the words of others cannot harm them!  It is only when My people can achieve their own peace will that they will be able to pass on My Peace to others. Achieving your own peace is to allow me to grace you with this peace.  When you are in the state of My Peace, harmful words from others cannot destroy your soul.


I tell My people: “Seek My Peace by seeking the Kingdom of God.” Then, and only then, will all be able to pass on My Peace and My Love.


You must first seek peace for yourself. Abandon and surrender unto Me. If you desire peace and seek it according to your standards, you shall never achieve it.  Peace is a state of grace. Seek peace interiorly. Seek Me interiorly! You cannot reflect peace exteriorly without first achieving it interiorly! To receive My Peace interiorly, you must seek Me, and live in My Truth. You must accept Me, and abandon your control and your total being unto Me!


What is Peace?  It is the reflection of My goodness, without the assistance of words. It is a state of being, My state of being. You are what I am!


If you live in My Peace, no evil can harm you, no evil can deceive you. Peace fights the darkness.  I wish for all to live in My Peace, but My people are filled with impatience, anger, malice, envy and hatred. Are these peaceful virtues which will fight darkness, or are these the virtues of darkness?


My child, tell My people to seek My Peace, and to stop judging and criticizing other’s state of being. How can My people judge who is peaceful or who reflects My image when they themselves have not achieved My Peace? Tell My people to begin to seek Me  interiorly themselves, and to stop observing and passing judgment on other’s actions.


Only I, your Lord, know who lives in My Peace.

Only I, your Lord, see the purity interiorly.

Only I, your Lord, know true happiness.


Therefore, seek My Peace, each of you, for your own self, and fight darkness by wearing My shield.  Enough of your harmful and vengeful words. Seek the virtues of Me, and you shall receive. Seek Me honestly. Seek Me sincerely, and Peace shall be yours!