Vol I Lesson 9

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume I Lesson # 9

November 11, 1988





My child, I am here now, present in My tabernacle as I have been for so long. Look into My Eyes—the Eyes of My Heart, My Eyes that look into your heart.


My dear one, what do you see? You see people hungry for love. You see what I am seeing. My people hunger for love, but they block the receipt of it. I tell you that My people must stop blocking the path of My warmth and intimacy.  From My time until this time, My people continue to reject My Love; and the time will soon come when they will no longer have the opportunity to receive My warmth and My intimate Body.


Make no mistake about this! I urge you, My people, to begin to allow My Father, My Spirit, and Myself, to dwell in you and fill you with the gift of everlasting life. I will not much longer plead for My people to recognize the Truth and turn back to Me, their God. When I come, it will be during a time of standard, day-to-day functioning. But I tell you,  then it will be too late to come back! Come back to Me now!


Whether you are in two’s, whether you are in a group, whether you are married or not, I will take up only those who desire Me now, and not at that point when I come. Yet, to those who respond to this warning, for I speak the truth.  I, your God, trust those who trust in Me.  I, your God, have faith in those who have faith in Me.  The ages have come and passed, but I, your Lord God, have remained the same. I tell you, My people, take heed of these words:


I shall throw into the fire of flames those who are not worthy—worthy by their love for one another.  Have mercy, My people! Have mercy on your God by loving one another; so that I, your God, will have mercy on you!