Vol II Lesson 12

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson # 12

October 18, 1989





This lesson shall be on sin:  how you commit sin; what to do about sin committed; and how to prevent sin from staining your soul.


Sin is an act committed, either by thought or action, which paralyzes the soul of spiritual drink.  It becomes a passion in thought or action, and drains the soul of many graces.  You commit sin by allowing your mind or your body to control you through a disgraceful passion of evil.


When you receive a thought, your mind processes that thought, which may funnel into one of two channels, the channel of good or the channel of evil.  If you control your thoughts to reflect my goodness, by allowing My goodness and by allowing Me to assist you, then that thought will proceed to flow through the channel of goodness and follow through in your bodily actions.  If you allow your thoughts to carry out in your bodily functions without allowing Me to dwell in you, then you block My Spirit of Goodness; and it will funnel down the channel of evil.


Since man is free, he has the choice of good and evil.  That is why the two exist!  If you dwell on evil, evil will possess you; but if you dwell on Me and My goodness, it is sure to protect you and teach you the way to eternal perfection!


When you sin, allow My Spirit to truthfully guide you to honest reconciliation; and your soul will be nourished.  Once absolution of your sin is completed, you become virginal in purity.  Prevent sin by trusting in Me.  Trust in Me by allowing Me to dwell in you at all moments.


Since man is free, he has the freedom of choice at all moments to select good or evil.  Once sin has been committed in vain, and I then dwell in you, My Spirit will cause conflict with the evil until reconciliation has commenced!   That sin will continuously stain the soul until you allow forgiveness both from Me and your self!  Remember, I cannot forgive you if you hold bound your sin by not forgiving yourself!


The conflict and separation of your inner being will exist until you allow My goodness to prevail.  However, once I have entered your soul, the conflict cannot last long because no evil can exist very long when I possess the soul.  It is as I have said before, water and oil cannot emulsify.  There will always be a separation.

When you receive a thought, think good and I will be invited in you!  If you sin, ask My Spirit for a truthful and honest cleansing.  In order for this to happen, you must allow and accept the truth with openness, sincerity and honesty.


This is the truth on sin, child.  Always stand guard against it through My shield of protection.  Trust in your Jesus each moment of each day!


Bless you, and My peace I give you.