Vol II Lesson 14

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Volume II Lesson # 14

October 26, 1989





My dear people, do not allow the evil one to torment you interiorly and cause harm to your soul.  Always call on My Mother and Me, and We will flee to your aide.  Do not allow undue duress, because the evil one wishes to see you unhappy and weeping.  Know that he does not want those who have turned to him, but he wants those closest to Me!


Always be cautious, and stand firm in your faith.  When you feel that you are alone, not loved and unimportant, you can be sure I am closest to you.  This is a fact.  When you are in need interiorly, I give you strength to persevere.  I bleed for you from My Wounds when you are under attack from the evil one.  My Blood is your salvation, and I joyfully suffer for you when you are suffering; for we are united in My Father’s Oneness.


You may not feel different or at peace in your suffering; but I assure you that this suffering, when offered to My Father for merciless sinners, is the most potent offering in penance.  You submerge yourself into My abandonment, and salvation results through My Mercy!  It brings eternal glory to your souls.


Suffering interiorly is the most painful and the ultimate test of your faith in My Father’s goodness.  This is the most valuable suffering, the suffering man cannot see with his eyes, but only with his heart!  It is union with Me, sharing My suffering for the salvation of merciless sinners.