Vol II Lesson 15

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson # 15

October 28, 1989





My child, I do not wish for My people to be wounded interiorly.  I wish for their souls to receive eternal glory.


I would like to tell My people that when they are persecuted, wounded in spirit and wracked by hatred from enemies, I am persecuted and wounded for them and with them!   When they are wounded by life in this mortal world, peace cannot find her resting place.  It is a constant battle–the division in the struggle of life and the search for life hereafter.


I wish My people to know that I am with them through their mortal life and after.  I weep with them and endure the brunt of their major pain for them.  That is what life in the material world causes–pain.


I came as Son of Man to stir up division and separation so that all, who wished to dwell with Me, could do so.  It is the same now!  I am here to bring peace; but in order for peace to reign, there will be separation.


Man will go against man and the battle between evil and good will commence.  The men of good shall break off from the men of evil.  The men of evil judgment shall celebrate in the victory of battle; but I tell you, their celebration will be premature. Their celebration will result in their damnation and agony, as they scream in the fires of Gehenna.  No, the troops of glory, the men of God, shall reign forever and win in victory for all eternity; and peace shall be their flag.


I tell you this so all may know of the peace to come; so all may know that, when they are wounded, I bleed for them!  For each drop of blood shed, salvation results for their eternal glory.  What seems to be a loss in battle results in eternal victory.


Tell My people not to be deceived to think they have been defeated.  The power of God reigns now, and shall for eternity!