Vol II Lesson 16

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Volume II Lesson # 16

October 30, 1989





My dear child, it pleases Me to hear you speak of your knowledge of My Father’s goodness.  Your prayers have caused My Angels to sing and rejoice, and I wish for all My people to know your words because, tonight, I wish to speak of goodness.  These were your sweet words learned from My teachings:


“Jesus, have mercy on the wicked, for there is good in them.  Your Father created them, and all He creates is good.  They do not know their wickedness, so be merciful and patient.  Your goodness shall reign.”


You do not know, child, the power you have been granted in your prayer.  I hear every word you pray, and respond.  I listen wholeheartedly to you, for you listen in obedience to Me.  Goodness, attainable to all My people, prevails through mercy.  When you are merciful and loving, the goodness of My presence presides.  The wicked ways of My people turn to good when they are loving and merciful! All wickedness ceases to exist in the presence of My goodness.


If you are good, you will cease being wicked; because I dwell in you.  Utilize your faith totally in Me and be comforted.  Allow your faith in Me to comfort you through total trust.  Lack of trust and confidence are major roadblocks for My people who strive to progress in spiritual goodness.


Goodness is a grace; and it, along with faith, mercy and love, are most powerful tools to obtain guaranteed salvation and eternal glory.  Souls need my goodness; they thirst for it.  Being kind and merciful will quench the thirst of your soul and grant you the grace of My goodness.  When you are good, then miracles can happen! Miracles are a grace you obtain through your goodness.  They are not granted to you because they are due, and they cannot be taught! The grace only comes from being good and living in My goodness.


Remember, once you receive the grace in the eyes of God, you will receive miracles.  Know also that souls are saved through kindness and mercy–My goodness, even though they are deemed unworthy through the wickedness of humanity. Goodness is the true facet of mercy and love through kindness, compassion and unquestionable faith in your living God.