Vol II Lesson 17

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson # 17

November 1, 1989




I wish My people to perceive Me as a living God and accept My Spirit as the source of all goodness.  My people do not perceive Me as living as they live! They do not will My Presence to live in them.  What their minds cannot conceive intellectually, they can neither understand nor accept.


Even as I tell them that I live in the true sense of the word, their thoughts cannot comprehend it; because they do not accept this Truth.  Many can feel My Spirit in them but they do not believe that I am–in the truest sense–living in them and with them! My people think that God, being the higher authority, created them; but that they cannot be like Him.  This is not true!   God created man in the image and likeness of Me, so that all could live in Oneness with the Trinity.


Man does not seek perfection in the eyes of God.  He belittles himself! All men should seek the Kingdom of God, knowing that the Kingdom belongs to them and was created so that they could have eternal glory through Me.  I wish for all My people to know that in the imperfection of their humanity, they are made perfect in the eyes of God, should they seek it in all goodness.


How My people restrict themselves by limiting, with their minds and hearts, what is attainable!  What man does not understand with his mind, he does not seek! If man does not understand God, he will not seek Him! That is why I always spoke in parables.  Man could not understand the Truth of My words and would have only accepted what he wanted to hear, had I not spoken in parables. Even now, in these Lessons, few will grasp the total Truth and seek My Father’s Kingdom.


Today, I wish for My people to know My Father, Who lives within their hearts and their thoughts.  He will grant you strength to persevere and wisdom in His eyes.  He will comfort you, not harm you! He will cradle you like a newborn babe.  He will not enslave you, but give you everlasting freedom, for which your souls desire and plead.


Know your God!  He is your friend for all eternity! Call Him “Abba,” for He is your “Daddy”!  He is My “Abba”, and He is your “Abba”!


Rejoice, O’ highly favored ones, for you are the new Israel, where only peace, love and freedom shall be her fruitful gifts!  All who seek the Kingdom, the Kingdom of God, shall enter and live for all eternity!