Vol II Lesson 19

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson # 19

November 7, 1989




My dear child, My people have sorrow because they are slaves to sin! If they would come to Me, I would purify and cleanse them.  I would wash them with My Blood, the Blood of forgiveness.  I do not call My people to Me to be slaves, but to be My Saints!


There are those who come to Me out of curiosity, running busily here and there, but making no effort towards a true contrition.  So they live in their sorrow.  O’ if My beloved would come to receive Me in My Eucharist, I would cleanse them and comfort them.  I would place the Truth of My law in their hearts and on their minds.  The sorrow is that they cannot accept the Truth of My words and do not believe that My Sacrifice for men was to sanctify them through forgiveness in My Bloodshed.  I came to do the Will of God, His Will of saving man from condemnation and sanctifying them through My Blood for redemption.

My sorrow is in viewing the many who do not wish to receive My Body and Blood.  If there was only one priest who performed the consecration of My Eucharist in only one sanctuary, people would flock to receive Me.  They would want to see the Divine Mysteries.  But there are many priests who have the power of My Mystery; and yet, there are so few who receive it with an open heart!


My people live in sorrow, a pain deeply embedded in their souls.  As each day goes by, their pain does not alleviate, but continues to deepen until their hearts turn cold and then to ice! The numbness exists and they co-exist, not as co-redeemers, but as co-destructors! They exist in the only possible way—with no love! Their sorrow and pain are true, which cloud their hearts, minds and souls with such viscosity that they mourn.  They mourn because their souls thirst for love and honesty, but their hearts have turned to ice! If only they would come to Me, I would refresh them with life, the love of life and the beauty of all creation.


Man will not be able to exist much longer with icy hearts because the soul will die.  Love and openness to receive love through the heart nourish the soul.  If you do not wish My Love and gifts, your hearts will freeze and your souls die! Do not allow the glamour of evil to hypnotize you.  Evil will mesmerize you, and then deceive you! Your oxygen of life will be depleted, and your hearts will grow cold until final damnation freezes them and the soul mourns in death for all eternity.


Come to Me, My dear people of My creation.  Allow Me to refresh you and replenish you with Life, Come to Me and I shall give you plentiful drink, the true nourishment and the soul’s requirement for life, comfort, happiness and peace.  Come to Me and receive My Mercy, the gift of your redemption which awaits to be claimed.