Vol II Lesson 21

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson #21

November 28, 1989




My dear child, I wish for all My people to pray with universal intentions.  It is much more powerful when you pray for a quantity of people instead of one person at a time.  Even if you wish one person to be healed, the power of prayer is so intense that the more people you pray for universally, the greater healings are granted!  The stronger forces of good prevail on your behalf.


The angels await My peoples’ prayers so that they may proclaim them in song to My Father!  Make no mistake about prayer.  It must be made known to My people that universal prayer, in its entirety, is the spark to igniting a chain of healing graces. Tell My people not to pray only for themselves or their families.  Pray for all!  Pray for conversion and world peace.  Pray for My priests and sisters.  Pray for the unemployed, the homeless, the sick.  Pray for the dying and especially those souls in Purgatory, for they await your prayers.


Tell My people to pray!  Tell them of the power they have been granted through Me in loving prayer.  I say “loving” prayer, for any unloving prayer will be struck down and return to the soul from which it was derived to cause grief.


This Lesson on prayer is not a personal one, child; it is for all My people. For when I speak to you, I am speaking to them. Let them know that you are My child of the world!  As St. Peter symbolizes the “father” of this world of all people and generations, you are Our “child” of all the generations, the symbol of children.  For all who are children shall enter the Kingdom of God.


Tell My people to pray with the innocence and purity of children.  Tell them of their power.  A childlike prayer penetrates to the core of My Father’s Throne.  All are children of God.  It is necessary to use My graces through innocent prayer.