Vol II Lesson 22

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Volume II Lesson # 22

November 29, 1989





There are three phases to the salvation of souls!


The first phase is that of truth and honesty.  The soul wounded is in grief.  It is speaking with fear and without acceptance.  The soul bleeds because it does not wish to be wounded; and the speaker grieves also, because he does not wish to wound.  Souls that need salvation must first be wounded to accept the Truth that they are in danger.  This is like the waves in the sea which circulate until they crash on solid land!


Secondly, after acceptance, the soul wishes to silently repent.  It will weep and dare to approach an apostle with open-heartedness and honesty.  The healing of these souls comes from the Charity of God.  Those who are true apostles of God can only find charitable words of comfort and love.  They are the sweet honey which coats the soul’s grievous and painful wounds.


Thirdly, the soul does not live in fear!  It is bold and goes on a mission from which one would normally flee.  It knows the protection of God, and it rejoices in ecstatic gratitude to fertilize the seeds planted in other souls.  It crushes the fermented wickedness of evil and replaces it with noncombustible love!


I tell you this, child, so My people will not sulk in their grief when they are spiritually wounded.  The existing soul must first be wounded so that it can be nurtured and strengthened with true purity.  Tell My people to bear their weaknesses, for I their Savior will give them strength and bring them to My green pastures.


The soul lives and prepares on earth only to continue living in My Kingdom of peace and serenity.  It is meritorious when the soul is wounded for it is its salvation!  Tell them not to be afraid.  I am with all My people.  Each one belongs to the Shepherd, Who has come to gather His wounded sheep!