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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume 11 Lesson # 26

December 13, 1989





My dear child, I your dear Jesus wish to speak today on fidelity.  It was not through the law that Abraham and his descendants inherited the land.  It was through their faith that what was promised to him would be delivered, and that  he would be able to accomplish all that he was told.  If those who adhere to the law are heirs, then faith is null and the promise void.  Where there is no law, there also is no violation.


Fidelity is the strongest bond to the Divine, Holy Trinity through faithfulness.  It is My righteous who become righteous in their faith!  The law will never promise righteousness to you.  Only through dedicated faith in My Father will all be deemed righteous, for this He has promised!  It will be through fidelity that I shall unite My righteous.  They will all be gathered under one Kingdom, and that Kingdom will be Mine!  There will no longer be nations and separate kingdoms.  There will only be one, and this one Kingdom will last for all eternity in My Peace.


It will be credited to those who do not doubt My Kingdom, for they shall be empowered by My faith and shall give great glory to My Father.  Oh, then shall My people know that I am their Lord!


How I shall reproduce the land and populate My children!  All shall sing praises and be united in comfort and peace.  O’ how this fruitful season is now at hand, and all who live in Me through the powerful gift of fidelity shall be the new lambs of God for all eternity!  For nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, but My Israel will stand united at the end as the only one nation, one Kingdom of Peace.


My Israel is all My beloved people throughout this entire world who claim My Father’s zeal of faith and love through My Divinity!  That will be My new Israel, and all are invited to live in the City of Hope through their fidelity in My Father.


This now ends My third set of Lessons to My people.  It is today that I re-consecrate My Heart to all who desire it, and I make known My devoted protection and care for all.


Know My Kingdom will come!  Whether it comes through peaceful means or as a result of destruction through hatred will depend on you, My people.  Choose peace, and peace will come.  Choose destruction, and My Father will destroy all who destruct.  Only Peace and Love will reign in the Kingdom.  Destruction and hatred will cease.


So I give the selection to you, My people.  Your destiny depends on your prayers and relies on your faith.  The secret is fidelity, love, mercy, hope, trust, and acceptance of My Truth so as to result in a joyful and peaceful destiny.


I love you, My beloved people.  Please love me!  How can I bring you peace unless you desire it?  If you desire peace, would you not be merciful and loving to one another, to those people who belong to Me as you belong to Me?  Are you not creating your own destiny?


Select the path you wish to walk very carefully.  For it is truly a matter of eternal life or eternal death!