Vol II Lesson 29

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson # 29

December 23, 1989





My dear little one, I wish for all of My beloved people to know that as I came from the womb of My Mother, so did they!  Not only was I nourished in her womb, but My people were also nourished in her, for she is the “Mother of All Children.”


If I say to you that you are perfected in Me and will share in My glory, are you not perfected in My Mother?  She is the Mother of mankind, and We are one in each other.  If she shares in My glory, and I have said that My people will share in My glory, are you not sharing in her glory?  Are you not from her womb, if you live in Me and I am of her womb?


My people think that I their God am a distant and righteous God and that they are people of no degree of holiness, only the slaves of the Holy One.  This is not true.  I am your God of Mercy.  I am your God Who gives to you all that I have.  I am your God Who desires to be One with all, as I am One with My Father and One with My Mother. 


My Mother is not slave to Me.  My saints are not slaves to Me.  They are One with Me, and My Kingdom is their kingdom!  They reign with Me, and all I have is theirs.  If I have given to them all of what I have said, and I have said that there is no favoritism, does that not mean that My Kingdom belongs also to you?  There are no slaves in the Kingdom.  I wish for all people to grasp this Truth and to believe with all their hearts that what I have is for them, not for Me.


They have difficulty because there is no king on earth who gives what belongs to him.  What man gives without expecting something (even love may be an expectation, child) in return?  They are afraid to be intimate with Me.  I want My people to come to Me and talk to Me as they would to an intimate friend.  I want to be that intimate friend!


Listen to Me, My child.  There is so much hatred in your world that love is growing cold. I cannot even plead with My beloved people, because they have allowed this disease of hatred to spread throughout their hearts, minds and souls.  They are not giving Me a moment‘s chance!  When they do listen, they wish for Me to speak to them!  Everything centers around them.  Do they not know that I speak to those who want nothing for themselves, because these are the ones who want everything for everyone else?


I am directly saying that I want people to be intimate with Me, but intimacy is inversely related to self-centeredness and self-image. The greater their selfishness and pride, the less they are intimate.  The greater their love, the less they are self-centered, and the more they are intimate.


It has been very important that I clearly speak today on what I have dictated to you. Bring My people home, child.  The comfort of their home awaits them.