Vol II Lesson 33

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson #33

January1, 1990





My dear child, so many of My people have perturbations of worries, anxiety and fear.  The Word of God is not of perturbations, but of freedom! Those who feel bound by these feelings are allowing the deceit of the evil one to cause turmoil.


I am the Vine which blossoms ripe fruit, not the tree whose roots suffocate the vine! My people are the leaves and the grapes of My Vine.  My Father is He Who tills the soil, fertilizing and watering it.  Those on My Vine, who fall, are suffocated by the root.  The root is their lack of faith.


It is like the parable of the man who had a vineyard and was successful in growing ripened grapes until one season the leaves of his vine did not blossom fruit.  This man tried pruning his vines and listened to the advice of many in order to restore his vines,  however to no avail.  He was unsuccessful, and his vineyard was dying! The man then noticed the tree he had planted next to the vines, which was lovely and as strong as ever before! He also noticed the tree continued to grow, but not the vines.  If the soil was bad, should not the tree lose its leaves and the bark begin to dry?


So, he exclaimed, “It is the roots of this tree which have suffocated my vines, denying my leaves to blossom and my fruit to ripen.  I shall dig deep into the soil, and cut the roots;” and the man completed what he promised.  The tree died and his harvest was full.


It is the same with My people today.  They are My fruit of the Vine and their perturbations are the roots of little faith and trust, which suffocate them, denying them the richness to ripen fully and blossom.  If they know the root to all evil, they can cut it, releasing them from its grip.  O’ then how the vines will blossom and the harvest bear sweet fruit!


If My people ask My Father, the One Who tills the soil, to cut the roots, the roots will never grow again.  He will turn the remaining roots which were cut into the fertilizer of the soil!


Absorb what I have said, and reach deep within your heart.  There the Vine rests and receives the nutrients of Life.  Peace, My dear one, peace!