Vol II Lesson 37

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson 37

January 14, 1990




My dear child, how I suffered for My people at the time of My delivery to My people to be crucified!  How heavy was My Cross, brushing splinters into My Flesh!  Yet, I carried it because of My great Love for My people.


I want all to be free, but they have bound their freedom with their law!  You are slaves in a concrete world, and your spirits suffer from the lack of freshness and beauty.  Oh, how My people are slaves to their world!


I wish to speak today of the hatred of man.  Man was created in love, to love with freedom, and to be loved.  Their spirits were created to develop and grow in this love and

to maintain the wholeness and freshness of youth.  Today, even with My Lessons and the

gift of My Mother which I have given, men {both genders} continue to hate, despise,

resent and deplete what little source of love remains.  My people continue to fight, kill

and attack others. They cripple the old and they batter the young.  They want control of their lives, but they cannot control their emotions and temper!  They continue to function from impulse, instead of allowing Me to develop goodness within them and to bring them My Peace.  My people live with skepticism and trust little in Me and their brothers.  They live in fear and remorse.


What value has resulted in their world from their hatred and lack of interest in loving one another?  None, I tell you!  There is no value in hatred or in hating!  There is only value in Love!  I have told you that resentfulness, the poisonous venom, leads to jealously and hatred.  When there is hatred, only evil exists.  Hatred kills and inspires death.  Hatred is darkness and a merciless sword.  All, who walk in hatred, walk with the sword of death! That sword kills others and, in its moments of pleasure, kills the bearer of its grip! There is little hope for those who desire to walk the path of hatred.


Terminate hatred by awakening to ill feelings of resentfulness and jealousy.  Allow Me to cure and resoil the seed of Love!  It will restore you to health and develop irresistible beauty.  Be aware of hatred and its coy elements of disillusion!  Be on your guard always, for it will attack without a moment’s notice.  Pray, and allow Me to protect you and nourish you.  Be what true beauty is—LOVE!