Vol II Lesson 39

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Volume II Lesson # 39

January 21, 1990




My child, My people live as if they are the only ones of worth!  They are the center and the ones of value.  There are so many of My elderly who are lonely and desolate, because they are not noticed as contributing to society!  They lose their dignity because they are treated as having little value or worth.  I want all My people to love, and know that all are of value to Me!


My child, if you go into a large room filled with people you do not know, should that make a difference in how people should perceive or treat you?  It should not; but in today’s structured and concrete world, it has!  The old receive little recognition as being valued unless their worth is of monetary value.  People treat each other as aliens, unless they know them!  This results in inhumane gestures.  People begin to feel useless, unloved and of little worth.  Especially My old ones are neglected.


Child, the body may wither and grow old, but the soul remains young, always!  I wish for My people to stop seeing the body superficially and to look at others by looking into their hearts!  This will prevent all from experiencing unworthiness and neglect.  Do not look at age, but at the heart’s intent!  Treat  all with goodness.  Treat all as being of value.


People are not inanimate objects or programmed robots.  They are people created in My likeness!  All are to be loved, appreciated and treated with dignity.  This is how you gain the Kingdom—LOVE!  It is the key which unlatches the gate!


If you love, you will treat others with dignity; and they will feel loved, wanted and of value to mankind.  Reach out to one another with love, and stop being around only the ones with whom you feel comfortable!  Communicate with all, and enjoy friendships.  Reach out to all, not limiting yourself to those of your desire.  Neglect is killing freedom!  Do not neglect others, love them!