Vol II Lesson 4

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson #4

September 25, 1989





My dear child, the mind is the source of all conduct.  The word spoken from the tongue results in the action of your deeds, your thoughts, and the route to your words and actions.  The man, who seeks My Wisdom and finds it, will reflect it through his thoughts, words and actions!


What does My Wisdom tell you?  Wisdom in Me will teach you not to seek acceptance from man but seek acceptance from My Father.  My Wisdom teaches you not to put your trust in the human heart, for the human heart will torture you!


Trust in My Father!  Trust in Him and you will find His goodness.  Do not put your trust in man, but in God.  Man stands by you in your time of joy, but only watches on in your time of sorrow.  My Wisdom teaches you not to seek the words of praise from man; for those who speak words of praise, speak also words which are harmful and full of deceit.  Man’s words are words of no value!


Words of praise are words of nothingness, and harmful words are words of no meaning.  Put your trust in My Father, for the words of man are full of judgment.  My Wisdom teaches you not sway like thin branches on a tree.  Be strong in your faith and firm in your trust in Him who sent me.

If you live in My Peace, harmful words will not bother you; and words of praise will not move you to boast in pride. This is what My Wisdom teaches—for all to seek peace, praise and discipline from My Father through trust and open-heartedness.


If you live in My Wisdom, I will teach you that the love of money deceives you and is the source of evil.  If you love money, you love your prestige!


Take heed of My words on Wisdom.  Happy the man who seeks My Wisdom and finds it, for he shall live in Joy.  Happy the man who shares My Wisdom through the actions toward his fellow companions.  All mankind shall praise him, for they will be praising Me as I live in him.