Vol II Lesson 41

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


olume II Lesson  #41

January 28, 1990




My dear child, I your Jesus have humbled Myself to be in your presence now to give another Lesson to My people.  It is a Lesson on obedience, Divine obedience.


If My people obeyed Me by trusting in Me, they would be released from their fear, which enslaves them.  Divine obedience is the greatest gift My people could give My Father, far greater than sacrifice!  Obedience is devotion and love and mercy which My Father graciously accepts and reciprocates in rewarding one-hundred fold!  Obedience is being open to My words, accepting them and allowing My Love to mold you into eternal perfection.  Obedience is growth, and with growth is accompanied by imperfections and failings!  These shortcomings perfect you when you allow Me to strengthen you and teach you.  Acceptance in Divine obedience to Me allows you to grow and live in the holiness of My Spirit.


A major factor in the growth of obedience is patience. In the excitement of growth, it is necessary to grow at My pace!  If you allow pride to enter and control you, it will deceive you; and it will destroy the seed of obedience.


Obedience is accepting the characters of My people for who they are, and not imposing upon them whom you think they should be!  Obedience is total acceptance, humility, love,  mercy and thankful praise in prayer for correction.  Obedience results in peace.


All who are obedient to My Father trust in Me, and are peace-filled people, because they live in unity with Me.  It is accepting Our Plan with trust in a secure future.  No matter how large the waves of life, the path of protection and security will take you safely through all treacherous waters!