Vol II Lesson 43

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson #43

February 6, 1990




My dear child, today there is a great deal I wish to make known to My people.  I do not keep the Truth from My people.  I am a dignified God Who gives and listens!  My words are made known, not as secrets, but as justification for worthiness.


Throughout the ages I selectively chose My words to My people, for their worthiness did not justify them to hear or to know the Word.  Then the Blood from the Word became their redemption!  Today, unworthiness prevents total knowledge of My Word, but I have granted to all who desire to know the Word, to come with open hearts and minds.


I am not a secretive God!  Secrets are secrets, but My words are for all who desire them in order to cleanse themselves.  All who acknowledge Me will follow My ways and My Word.  All who follow the Word are justified in worthiness in the sight of the Father.  All who are worthy of Me will carry their cross (whether it be illness, heroism, finances, renunciation, mourning, spiritual depression or sadness) with resignation and acceptance, for it is by the Will of God that their cross is given!


Today there are many who would like to know the Word of God, but only a minimal amount will actually acknowledge the Word by following and practicing His Way!  The Word is not a secret.  All who know the Word, know His secrets; however, there are few who know Him!


I have told you that all who accept you, My prophet, My disciple, accept Me; for I live in you and We are one in the Father.  Those who accept a prophet are prophets themselves, for the like know each other and are one in the Spirit of My Father.  Those who accept My chosen disciples are also disciples, for they are of the same Shepherd!  If you acknowledge a just man, you are also a just man.  If you acknowledge and accept the evil one, you are of dark spirit!  What you choose to acknowledge by faith is what you are!

If you wish to come to Me, know My Word and acknowledge Me by following My Word.  If you wish to go the evil way, then I shall allow you to bite into darkness and know the deceit of the evil one’s words!


I am telling My people, child, that all who desire goodness need only come to Me.  Once they come to Me by asking Me to live in them, no danger of eternal darkness can possess them.  All who desire darkness will be granted it.  But all who remain with Me cannot be possessed and need not be afraid.  All who do not desire Me nor invite My protection are prey!



Come to Me, My people!  Trust in Me, and do not fear.  Man is man’s enemy!  Put your trust in the Word, not in man!  If you trust in the Word and the man who lives in the Word, you will both share in comfort and peace by jointly trusting in the Word!  This allows you to trust in your brethren.


You say “profound,” child.  I say simply, “the Truth!” Put all your trust in Me.  Show Me your trust by fully living in your faith.  Do not allow even your closest relative to steer you away form Me!  If you choose your mother, your father, siblings or children over Me, then you have not chosen Me!


I must be all of you, or I can be none of you.  If I am all of who you are, then those whom you love are embraced by Divine serenity, protection, peace and dignity.  Remember, I have come into the world to divide the good from the bad.


All who desire Me, come forward! Say, “yes” to Me, and invite Me into your heart before it is too late and you have been bitten by the evil one!  Divine protection rests in Me.  Won’t you please come and rest in My Heart of Peace?  Come to eternity.  Come to eternal peace.  Come into My Heart!


Ad Deum, child. (“Ad Deum” is explained by Jesus to me as, “Back to God I return!”)