Vol II Lesson 44

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson  #44

February 10, 1990




My child, if My people will open their hearts to the Will of My Father, they will receive the Peace which their souls desire.  The Will of My Father is the most critical ingredient to your happiness!  If only My people would accept His Will for them, how endless their happiness would be!  Do you know the Will of God and accept it?


If you know the Word, you know the Will, for I am the Word; and all who know Me, know Who sent Me and His Will!  Trusting Me is knowing Me.  Living My Way is knowing Me.  Accepting with joy all that is sent you is accepting the Will of My Father.  If you live in Me, you will live in My Peace.  If you live in My Peace, all suffering is joy, for it is redemptive.  My Peace brings discernment and Divine protection.  Accepting My Will for you is trusting in Me.


If I have told My people of My great Love, then trusting in Me would indicate their trust in My care for them.  If they trusted in My care, they would accept the Will of My Father, planned for them.  They do not live in peace because they will not accept the Will of God, since they do not trust in Me!  The Will goes back to trust.  All surrounds the trust My people have for Me!  They are afraid I will not care for them.  They are afraid I will forget them.  They are afraid that My Will for them will conflict with their will!  If they are afraid of My Will conflicting with theirs, they do not trust Me, because My Will only leads to peace and happiness.  How My people struggle because they do not trust!  It is the Will of God which will free them!


If you know Me, you will trust Me and will accept with peace what is designed for you.  You will know that it is the Will for you because, if you know Me, then you know I live in you and will not allow harm to come to you.  The evil one can irritate you and attempt to confuse you from knowing My Will; but if you accept it with peace, then only goodness will result and His Will be done!


Peace is the key to knowing the Will of God. If you live in Me, you live in peace and will accept in peace.  Evil cannot live in peace because evil does not know peace!  If evil cannot live in peace, you know you are doing the Will of My Father.


My child, this Lesson on the Will of My Father is so necessary.  It all comes down to trust:  trusting in Me, living in Me, living in My Peace, and accepting with peace God’s Will.

The outcome of God‘s Will will always be peaceful and result in your happiness.  It also gives you glory because, by doing the Will of God, you give Him glory!  If you live in Me, you have, in turn, received glory yourself!