Vol II Lesson 46

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson #46

February 18, 1990





My dear child, why do My people struggle so in their faith?  I have promised them gifts of peace and strength and protection, yet they struggle.  They do not persevere.  The smallest trauma weakens their security and trust.  That is because of their weak faith.  My faith is your power!  Use the gift of your faith.  Your struggles do not come from Me.  Your struggles are your passions and desires.


Faith justifies you in Me.  It makes you righteous in the Eyes of My Father.  My people are so concerned over what is “of God” and what is not, that they have deceived themselves.  Live in your faith in Me, and be at peace.  Trust in Me, and all shall be tended to.  Stop judging what others are doing to you in creating conflicts.  Focus on Me and on what I planned for you.


This is for all people.  How they wish to control!  How confident they are in dictating what is “of God” and what is not!  My, what authority they have taken into their own hands!  O’ how they are creating their own struggles by their passions!


Do not live a life of death!  Live in the life of Light.  Do not deceive yourselves.  Trust in yourselves by trusting in Me.  If you trusted in Me, you would walk in faith and would not allow your feelings and struggles to deceive you.  How many times have I said that I am with you always and will protect and care for you?  My love does not and will not change!  I am a loving God; a God Who will not cause harm.  If you love Me and trust Me, you will walk in your faith with Me and stop causing yourself inner harm.


Your struggles are those you create and allow!  This causes you internal suffering and harm.  This does not reflect your faith and trust in Me.  Therefore, My people, stop causing yourselves and others suffering by telling others what is and what is not “of God”!  Allow me to live in you by caring for you.  Have faith in Me, and walk in My footsteps.  All shall be cared for.


Thank you, My dear ones.  I your Lord love you and speak words of Truth, words to teach you and guide you to eternal life!