Vol II Lesson 48

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson #48

February 25, 1990





My dear child, I wish to tell My people to be honest with themselves and with others!  So many deceive due to the lack of their honesty.  Always be truthful!


The three elements of freedom are love, prayer and honesty!  Do not hide from yourself!  Be open and honest, and I can mend your hearts and refresh you.  You only deceive yourself when you try to mask the Truth.  I see the hearts of My people.  I read them!  I know what will happen before they even have knowledge of their personnel situations.  I created them.  I know their souls!  By being honest and truthful to yourself, you accept the Will of God and cannot deceive others.  Nor can you deceive yourself when you are honest!


There is so much I wish to teach My people.  There is so much I wish to give to them.  Can they accept Me for Who I Am?  Will they accept Me?


To accept Me, you need to be honest and truthful.  How can I dwell in you if there is deceit?  I am Truth.  I am honesty.  I am Love.


If you are honest with yourself, you will experience freedom.  I read your hearts.  If you are masking the truth from yourself, you cannot accept Me, the God of Truth.  Only when you are honest with yourself, can you be honest with others.  If you cannot be honest with others because you are afraid of them, then you do not trust Me nor are you allowing Me to dwell in you.  Only the Truth can free you!


It is a decision that mankind must make.  Will they decide for Me or for deceit?  There is know need to exaggerate your stories in order to persuade someone or to make the outcome to be one in your favor.  This only prevents growth and peace!  Your dishonesty will only turn on you and pierce your heart with a two-edged sword.


Be careful, My beloved ones, for you are walking on ice!  Your deceit will only cause you to fall through and freeze your soul!  Stop deceiving yourselves by attempting to convince others with words of dishonesty.  Stop seeking the acceptance of man, but seek acceptance from God.  Humble yourselves before the sight of Him Who sent Me!  Seek first His Kingdom in Truth.


I live in entirety in those who desire and accept Me.  To accept Me, you must live in Truth, for I am Truth!

This is your Lesson today, child, for My people.  Always seek and be Truth.  If you do this, you will always live in Me and I in you in the Oneness of the Trinity.  I bless you, My child, and I bless the world through you as you bring them to Me daily!


Peace!  Ad Deum.