Vol II Lesson 49

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson #49

March 4, 1990





My dear child, the sorrow in My Heart was one of the most painful symptoms of My Passion.  How I tried to teach My people, with the little time I had, of the goodness of My Father and the many facets to freedom!  I suffered frustration because so many people could not understand My message.  Many did not want to be saved, and many were looking only at the surface of My words.  The pain and frustration of My Heart was great.  It is like that now.  My people look at My words, not at My message.


Here I am, dictating words of Truth and offering the keys to the Kingdom, and so many skeptics and scholars look at My words for errors instead of reading them with their hearts, seeking the message!


The pain in My Heart still exists.  Do not My people realize how much I love them to ask My Father’s permission to be able to speak to them in the forms of these Lessons, so that they can learn and be with Me in the glory of everlasting life?


Tell My people to look at My message and not to be frightened that these words may not be from Me.  Begin to apply the principles of My Lessons so that I continue to give more.


If My people do not wish for Me to teach them, then I will stop!  I will not infringe upon the free will of My people.  I will only continue, if they desire.  After this fourth set of Lessons, I shall stop giving them for a period of time, to see the effects of My Lessons on My people.  If I see the desire and change in their hearts, I shall continue.  If I do not, the words of My Divine Holiness shall cease!  It is My last effort in giving the opportunity to grasp salvation.  If only they knew the depth of My love for them, they would desire to seek Me with all of their strength.  If only they believed!


So many do not even wish to get involved by reading My messages because they are afraid that it is not I, and are afraid of their credibility coming from mankind!  I still will continue always to love each and every one of My people until the end of time.


This is the Lesson:  Look at My message in My Lessons, not at each word!  The reason I spoke in many parables was because My people could see the message of My Father.  Now, I speak clearly and simply in order that all can understand My message, and they are looking only at the surface of My words!


Peace to you this day, My dear one, and to all My people.