Vol II Lesson 5

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson # 5

September 29, 1989





My child, My people need to be cautious of what they put into their bodies.  Be careful of how you feed your appetite.   Do not overindulge, for the food you eat may kill you!  Treat your body as a Temple of God.  Remain pure and be tender with your body.  Be wise in your selections.  Do not overeat and do not overdrink!   Overdrinking leads to debauchery and belligerence!


My people are not aware how food will harm them.  Eat to survive, and maintain your nutritional requirements.  Overindulgence is foolish and will lead to suffering. Drink your wine in moderation only, for you do not know when the Son of God shall come through the heavens.  On that day, be careful to be sober and righteous in Me!


What food you have in abundance, share with your brothers.  Give to those who do not have.  Do not keep your overabundance to yourself.  SHARE!  After you have received your satisfactory nutritional assessment, give to those who have none and need to feed their appetite.


These are My words to you on temperance of your food.  Nourish your soul with the food of everlasting life.  You feed your bodies without feeding your souls.  It is your soul that lives, and your bodies which die and return to dust!  Nourish your souls, and do not worry about what food you shall eat to feed your appetites!  Eat for nourishment, and not for overindulgence.  Do not be gluttons!