Vol II Lesson 50

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson #50

March 7, 1990





My dear child, people carry My Joy by their facial expressions.  Those who walk with Me show their love by their total ambiance.  I wish for all to show their love for one another by showing their love in expressions.


If you are at peace, peace will show through your actions and on your face.  If you are filled with My Joy, My Joy will show through your actions and radiate on your face.  Those who walk with Me show My divine presence!  I wish for all to love.  Love is the greatest gift there is!  My people need to focus on the grace of love.  There is aversion, detachment, and neglect in being disinterested!  Love is loving the spirit; loving far beyond the body, but loving the spirit, for the spirit is God!


If you love someone, you take an interest in that person and have feelings of attachment.  If you dislike someone, you have no interest in that person.  Is this the love I have taught?  Love one another by loving their spirit.


It is like a rose.  All the petals are the beauty which surrounds the core of the rose.  The core is the Father, and all the petals are the beauty of the Father, His people!  The rose flourishes in the soft beauty of velvet if there is love.  When there is no love, the rose dries up, and the petals fall, one by one!  God is the center of Love!


Then there are the father and mother who are the procreators of life.  Loving them is loving the Father.  There are siblings and blood relatives.  Through your blood, you love.  I say to love beyond the fact of being related through blood!  Love the spirit and love the Father Who loves in the Spirit!


Taking it to a larger scale:  love your neighbors; love your countrymen.  These are your neighbors, for you are all of one spirit.  Your parents and brothers are neighbors, for their spirit is that of My Father.


When I say love your neighbors, I say to love all, for the Father lives in all and His Spirit is Love!  I wish for all people to know this Love and to live in it.


I give you peace this day, as I always give you My Peace.  Remember, My people, that My Love for you shall never cease!