Vol II Lesson 51

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson #51

March 12, 1990





My dear one, if My people wish to be My disciples, they must be free in spirit.  They must deny the sensual passion of love they have for their spouse, children, brothers and sisters, mother and father.  The love they have for their close ones must yield to one Love, Mine!  They must deny themselves and even “hate in a holy manner” their being, and surrender to My Love.  My Love is a freedom.


Love your families and close ones by loving their spirits, not with the sensuality of love bound by control.  Learn to hate this type of heaviness of love.  When I say, “hate in a holy manner,” I do not mean “hatred.”  I mean denying the passions of love, but loving with the freedom of the Spirit.  All must deny himself and those he loves in order to follow Me and yield to My Love.  However, love those by My Spirit.


My disciples must be free like a butterfly.  The cocoon and webs which restrict freedom are the evil one’s tactics of restricting love.  Be free by loving My ways and My words, instead of loving the world and people through sensual passion, which controls and paralyzes the spirit.  My true followers understand this love and denial.  It is their relatives who cause misery of the flesh by wishing to restrict the freedom of their love of the spirit, by controlling and attempting to cause guilt or instill fear!


All must yield to the Father’s Love, a Love that is not of human standards, but one which is Divine. Those, who know Me, know of My Love and accept it with humble resignation.  It is the only way to freedom.


Man worries far too much!  If he worries, he should worry about the richness of virtue.  However, mind you, this worry must not be anxious or painful.  Good is the enemy of anxiety, fear and haste.  To be free, you must be peaceful, peaceful in victory and peaceful in defeat!  You must be peaceful at work and be constant and confident.  You must be peaceful even in your tears, when you have displeased God.  You must not be angry with yourself when you fall, for anger is only a symptom of pride and lack of confidence.


When you sin, say, “Father, forgive me, for I am weak.  You are aware of My weakness, which overwhelms me.  Help me to be free from the stain of sin, and keep me faithful to your Divine Word.”




My disciples submit freely to this type of love and peacefulness.  They walk with Me by the freedom of the Spirit.  They do not deceive themselves by using their handicaps to justify themselves in their feelings of sorrow.  If you wish to be My disciple, you will take My words into your heart, and show Me your heart’s desire through your actions.


This, child, concludes this Lesson today.  Receive My blessings on this day of your creation into the world, your birth, and rejoice as you celebrate with My angels in holy song.  Peace.  Ad Deum.