Vol II Lesson 52

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume II Lesson #52

March 24, 1990





My dear child, I your Lord tell you that many of My people unveil the Truth, but many do not accept the Truth.  They act as if they have no knowledge of the Truth.  Better not to have any knowledge of the Truth than to find it and not acknowledge it!  The Truth is your sword.  Honesty is the weapon which will defend you in battle.  Always be on guard!


I liken My people to the fort of God!  Keep the fort guarded.  Never let your shield down or the enemy will come in and strip you of your weapons.  When you find you are deprived of your weapon, your heart will surrender and fall into the enemy’s hand.  Those, who walk with Me, are protected from harm!  No harm can befall them.  Union with God is certainty of victory and an eternal abundance of virtues, which lead to an eternal seat in the Kingdom of God!


Always be strong and live in your faith.  It is your power.  You, My young ones, protect your family with prayer.  You are the new tomorrow! Do not allow the evil one to deprive you of your weapons.  He wishes for you to think you are weak, so that he can sneak into your house and betray your heart by slaying it with your own weapon!  Join in family love and unity. Be holy!


I grant the grace of wisdom and the material necessary for knowledge, but you must desire holiness and achieve it through your own merit!  Be loyal to the law and practice it in obedience. This is the road of holiness.


My Mother was “Immaculate” because My Father created her soul as such, but it was her loyalty to the law and practice in obedience which deemed her holy! Seek her as your example to follow in holiness.  Be strong, and the treasures you seek shall abundantly be betrothed to you.


Peace to you this day.  Remember, those who share in My suffering and endure it faithfully must also share in My Joy and My Glory.  Ad Deum.