Vol II Lesson 6

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Volume II Lesson # 6

September 30, 1989





My dear child, it is not physical healing which is the greatest gift from My Father, but the spiritual healing of the many lost souls.


I, your Jesus, continue healing My peoples’ souls so that they can live forever. The Son of Man came to gather His people and heal them spiritually.  This was the main purpose I healed physical ailments—because of My Mother, Who suffered by seeing her children suffer through their diseases!


Know this:  it is your souls which must be healed in order to receive everlasting life, not your bodies!  I tell you, better for your bodies to be chastised now than for your souls to be chastised later!


Allow me to spiritually heal you, My people.  This grace is the most vital.  A nourished soul is a healthy soul.  Healthy souls live!  Deceit is what I wish to cleanse and remove from your inner beings.  I have mercy on your souls and they rejoice in Me!  I feed your souls with My Spirit and dwell in them at all times.


Come to Me, you in spiritual need!  I shall give to you the greatest gift from My Father.  The physician need not heal the healthy, but the suffering.


I am here to heal you and mend your souls.  I am here to restore them to health.  I bring you hope!  For if My Father did not allow me to heal your soul spiritually, what a gloomy future of death would be ahead! I shall cast out the spirits in your souls, and infuse My Spirit of life and nourishment. I shall cast out the spirits in your souls, and infuse My Spirit of life and nourishment.


Pray for your spiritual health, and seek My Father’s Kingdom!