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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume III, Lesson #1

May 2, 1990





My dear child, how I long for My people to come before Me and to talk to Me sincerely about all their joy, their sorrow, their frustrations and the every day events in their lives.  So many of My people continue to feel uncomfortable to come before Me or to Me, or even to allow Me to come to them.  When they are in pain, they even ask others to pray for them, instead of trusting in Me and praying to Me themselves.  My sorrow continues to deepen, for My Love for them continues to deepen.  How I wish for good to dwell on earth and for happiness and peace to dwell in My people!  I only wish for all good things for My people, not for them to suffer.


Why is it so difficult for My people to decide to follow Me?  There truly is lack of desire and discipline which hinders their growth.  I speak to you because of My great Love and desire to give gifts to My people.  I have said over and over again that My Kingdom is near!  Will it come peacefully or because of the destruction of man from his lack of respect and dignity?


I continue to ask you to bring daily to Me those lukewarm believers and those who play ignorant of My Truth.  Pray for them and their salvation.  Pray for peace, and peace shall come!


My message and Lessons are simple.  They speak of living an average good life through loving, having mercy, showing respect and restoring dignity to mankind.  This is My message which shall restore peace!


My sorrow wearies Me, but My Love for My people is My strength.  I shall always love all My people until the end of time, when the bad shall be weeded and separated out from the good!


Never give up hope, My dear one, and always live in the confidence of My Love and the words of Truth I speak to you.  I shall always defend you in your honesty and simpleness.  Remember, silence is your protection against evil people, and love is your sword of victory.  Ad Deum.