Vol III Lesson 5

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume III Lesson #5

June 4, 1990





My dear child, as I opened My arms on the Cross and was naked before My Father, I offered up the salvation of mankind. I gave Myself in oblation to My Father for all.  As I gave Myself for all of My people, I ask that they give all of themselves to Me in oblation.  I do not want their gifts.  I want their hearts; their total being; all of who they are.  As My people want all of Me, I too desire all of them.


What value would gifts be to My people if they did not have Me, or if I did not give them Myself?  It is the same in My eyes.  Your gifts are of no value to Me, if you do not give Me your total being!  I desire all of you in order to bestow the liberty and grace of unity.


My people are so afraid.  They do not understand.  Mankind cannot understand the fullness of My power.  If they comprehended the saving works and majestic deeds of My Father, would they not be called wonderful or unspeakable?  In order for my work to be done through them, it is necessary that they submit totally to me without understanding through human reason.  If they would give themselves to Me as I have given Myself to them, they would be given the knowledge to understand what they would need to understand in accordance to My Father’s Will.  It, once again, reflects faith.


Submit to Me totally and undoubtedly!  Come humbly before Me in reverence with all of your errors and faults.  Do not be molested with doubts, for your doubts will deceive you and cause you to fall.  Submit understanding to Me, and you will gain the light of knowledge profitable to you.  Leave the difficult disputes, and follow the simple and pure path I offer to you.


Faith is required of My people.  They attempt to understand the deep mysteries of My Father and search for unattainable things.  While a search and inquiry of the Truth is tolerable and taught in accordance to the sound doctrine of My Church, caution is requested that they do not search for incomprehensible mysteries which will only deceive them!


Come humbly before Me in faith, and give to Me all of yourself as I have given Myself

totally to you.  For gifts are of no value to Me if you have not given Me yourself!  Offer yourself  totally to Me in oblation, as I totally offered Myself to My Father in oblation for you.


Be faith-filled people, lest you be deceived and lose in the sight of God any knowledge necessary for profitable comprehension.  Do not limit your own gifts by controlling what you will allow yourselves to give to Me.  Surrender totally and receive abundantly!  What can man do that I and My Father cannot do better?  Allow My work to flow through you and be at peace.  Receive it totally by submitting totally unto Me.


I bless you once again this day.