Vol III Lesson 8

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Volume III Lesson #8

June 26, 1990




My dear child, how I love all My people!  I continue to speak to you of My Love for them because of the ever-growing flame which exists in My Heart for them, especially for My youth.


In today’s world, many of My youth are lost.  They are so far from Me.  My youth represent the new tomorrow; and yet, too many are distant.  Tonight I wish to invite and call back all of My young ones to My Most Sacred and Merciful Heart.


My dear one, the youth today suffer because of the lack of love and a lack of support.  They hunger to be fed by being included by their brethren.  They will go out of their way, beyond reasonable measures, simply to feel included and of worth and loved!  Many of these ways go so far as to pull them into evil behavior.


All My youth are good, but it is the way of today which leads them to evil and a loss of self-respect.  When their culture does not fortify them in faith in God and there is lack of family love or support, they turn to whatever means is available to maintain what little self-worth is established.  Envy and hatred build in them, thinking that love will surface through possessiveness and authority.  My young ones are not at fault, for they know not what they do!


Children, as I have said, are the product of the family and reflect the faith it has in Me!  Where is the family love?  Where are all My beloved ones?  I tell you, even today, seldom do My families sit down together and freely discuss with one another My Love.   Parents are separated from children. Children, desiring to be of value to humanity, participate in exercises not beneficial to their spiritual health, all because of the elimination of love from the family.


I have said many times that discipline is accomplished through love.  How can My people tell their children what or what not to do if they only speak to them when correction is needed?  You must first love with all of your heart and respect them before you can gain their confidence and obedience.



Look to Me as the source of discipline, love and peace!  I shall comfort you and give you all the means of loving discipline I desire, so My young ones will to come to Me.  But how can they come to Me if they do not know Me, or worse yet, do not even know of Me?


Pray for My beloved young ones and bring them back to Me, to My Most Sacred Divine Heart.  This is the year of My youth.  Let all be refreshed in the presence of My Mother, who cleanses and cares for all her children who have been harmed.


Thank you, My dear one, for spending time with Me in the Presence of My Most Blessed Sacrament.  Receive My Peace.