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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume IV, Lesson #1

St. Peter’s Church, Rome

October 1, 1991




My dear child, you are never alone. I am always one with you—near you, guiding you, leading you by My Hand. I wish to begin by telling you how so many people seek My glory, but their concept of glory is not of Mine. I am simple, loving, and tender!

My people think that they must accomplish great things to re­ceive worthiness of My glory. It is in the simple ordinary tasks that you receive My glory. It is not a merit received through worthiness. It is given to you because of My Love for you.

I cannot say enough to you how I desire a great intimacy with My people. I continually speak intimately with you and ask you to continually offer My people to Me in intimacy, so that I can grace them with Me! It is in this intimacy they receive My glory. Too many of My people run from Me because they are overwhelmed with intimidation and fear of unworthiness.

Please look beyond the materialistic standards created by man which indicate glory with worthiness. My saints are simple. I call you all to be My saints!

Do not allow people of man’s power to frighten you! Re­member, I am God and I will protect you. If it is in the Will of My Father, it shall be done accordingly. You only need to live in simpleness and focus on Me. There is nothing more to be done. When it is My Father’s desire, His Will is done as He deems fit. Pray for all, and live by actions of simpleness and loving kindness. Ad Deum, and My blessings. Listen to My words now silently.