Vol IV Lesson 12

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Volume IV Lesson #12




My dear one, today I wish to tell My people something about obedience. Those, who humble themselves under My yoke in obedience to their superior, are obedient to Me. Those who humble themselves initially under My yoke, and then lift their heads to go out on their own in disobedience to their superior, are exemplifying a hidden pride that has been seeded deep within them.

It is better to be obedient to your superior in the good works of God than it is to be directly obedient to Me! Pride can deceive, My dear ones, and many wish to go out on their own thinking it is obedience to Me; but it is only their pride they are serving, not Me! When they wish to serve their neighbor, they are only serving themselves by pride. Unless you are obedient to your religious superior, you cannot serve any neighbor by completing the good works of God. It is important to make the distinction.

You see, my dear one, all good works that you or any of My people do, come from the grace of God. I am ready to give, but are you ready to receive? Prayer, discernment, pru­dence and obedience to your religious superior will protect you from deception from evil.

Evil can deceive through your hidden pride to expose yourself. It is like anyone who has the initial desire to do good works and serve Me through obedience, but then he or she decides to go off on his or her own and plays God!

Always be obedient to your religious advisor. This will keep you pure and poor in sin. The ox, who works under the supervision of his superior, may gather grain for the barn when his head is buried in the yoke. The ox, who lifts his head from the yoke, may gather much grain, but will not have the barn in which to store the grain.

Pay attention to discernment through obedience. Take heed in silence. It is as much a virtue to be silent as it is to have the gift of speech, far better to live in silence than to live in deception and pride. I have given the graces of both through the gift of obedience. If your spiritual directors say you are able to speak on prayer, then the good works of God will flow through you because you have first received the approval of your advisors.

My point to My people, as an example through you, is that if they are religious then they will be obedient first to their religious advisor. Being obedient to your spiritual su­perior is being obedient to the Creator! All glory and praise must first be given to God silently, prudently, and obediently through discernment, love, kindness, meekness and humility. All pride must leave the body totally, fully and carefully, al­lowing the Body of Christ in its full Presence to absorb and possess the soul through purity. This comes through obedience.

Praise be My Father for His good works through honor and obedience. Praise to Him; and as I humble Myself in the hands of all priests as they consecrate My Body, you, in turn through love, must humble yourselves to be obedient to your religious superior. Peace, My dear one.   Ad Deum.