Vol IV Lesson 13

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Volume IV Lesson #13




My dear one, I wish for My people to focus continually on Me; not only when times are good, but when they suffer with mishaps. The heart is humble when you do not allow the conscience to give testimony of your innocence! This will not grieve the humble heart because he trusts in Me more than in himself.

My dear one, you cannot satisfy all people! Focus on your own journey with Me, and I will make you righteous in Me. I wish for all My people to be at peace, even in the anguish they experience from others. Remember, I am your Jesus of Mercy Who will protect you and give you Peace. If there are those who speak evil tongues against you, then commit them in prayer to Me, and wait with patience and humility. Speak less! Listen more!  Your actions will speak for your words; and I, your Jesus, will protect you and calm all hearts in time.

There is no harm that anyone can do by causing injury through words. They only hurt themselves! Never be afraid of the mortal man, but put your trust in Me. Be patient and humble. Look to Me, your Jesus, and I will deliver you from your confusion. There is no need to justify yourself! Remain silent, pru­dent, and always discern in prayer when they turn against you. Silence speaks. Unless your silence would lend to an occasion of scandal to the weak, remain quiet and watchful, yet, always loving; but put to rest any fruitless fears.

Think for one moment of what I have said. The Truth is:  My words penetrated right from your thoughts immediately to the core of your heart and imbedded into a safe place, the place of My Heart in yours, My Heart in all My people.

As My people grow on their journey, they need to be watch­ful that their spirituality does not deceive them in vanity, or they only become thieves to themselves! I love all My people, My little one, and I do not want to see them use wasteful energy in anguish over controversies man can create.

Peace to you and all.  Ad Deum.