Vol IV Lesson 14

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume IV Lesson #14



My dear one, it is more profitable to hide the grace of your devotion than to esteem it through exalting your­self! It is true wisdom to simply be in silence and solitude rather than to speak much of your journey. It is those who follow the Truth that look towards God and live in silence, without seeking consolation.

Silence is an increase in knowledge, a virtue of contem­plation in which the spirit of the soul ascends. Silence is a whisper and grace of My Father in which He instills the Truth into your being as you listen with an open heart.

Remember, the progress in your spiritual journey does not consist of the grace of consolation, but instead, of bearing the desire for it with humility and patience! If you will allow your mind to rest and be at peace by simply being in My Presence, silence will become your com­fort in times of support and need. Those who are novices should be careful to be discreet and silent, lest they fall into deceit. It is better to be quiet and in a state of solitude than to see yourselves through your own eyes of wisdom, seldom allowing yourselves to be governed by others.

Silence will allow you to be ruled by God, and provide the way to flourish in the gifts of humility and divine charity! It is far better to be weak in understanding and have lack of knowl­edge than to be lacking humility and charity.

Humility is a grace; and silence and solitude, through divine contemplation, is the catalyst to humility. Those who choose to be quiet through prayer and discipline, even though it may be difficult, are graced with true wisdom and lack of self-conceit! I am speaking of silence, My dear one, not be­ing secretive. I am speaking of developing and nurturing the soul through intimacy.

Quiet the mind, and rest in Me. I will replenish you. If you feel far away and not rewarded and empty, hold on to your faith and know that the Light may leave as well as return when God deems fit! Better now for My people to be at peace and contemplate how it might be if the Light turns to the shadow of darkness. And if you feel the Light leave, know that it will come back. So hold on to your faith in silence and in the solitude of contemplation.

I bless you tonight, My dear one. In the intensity and depth of My Father’s graces of darkness in your soul, you willingly write My words for My beloved people, even though it is of great difficulty for you. This darkness is one of Light for your soul, and those I elect are graced with it.

In silence is humility grounded!

Peace.  Ad Deum.