Vol IV Lesson 16

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Volume IV Lesson #16



My dear little one, how delicate My people are! I come to embrace them, desiring them to allow Me to love them and desiring their love in return. I am seeking a romance with them, an intimacy, not only of friendship, but of love. I tell My people; ‘Trust in Me and believe I will care for you,’ but they trust for the moment in which I speak and then fail to truly surrender all of their being in trust of Me. I do not want My people for the moment. I want them for eternity.

My people continue to fall in their trials and tribulations, but they do not allow Me to catch them! I wish for them to fall into My arms as they let go. I fell three times, My dear one, and each time I got up. You fall, but I am with you, if you will simply allow Me to care for you. I want to care for you. There is no fall, through your trials, that is too great for Me to handle, if you accept Me and willingly allow Me to care for you.

If you choose to walk your path alone, without allowing Me to help you, it will be a different and perhaps lonely walk. But even then, know I will be with you because of My Love. You are never alone. I see all, and I am with My people always. They are never alone. They may not allow Me to love them or help them, but I am still loving them and am always there!

I am your God! As many of My people will be firm in criticizing My words through their skepticism, saying My words are not theologically sound, I will still love them; and I will continue to ask them if they will allow Me to teach them and care for them!

The time will come, My little one, when My people will know that the truth is that they are powerless without Me, and it is I Who gives to them everything, even allowing their con­trol. They will soon realize—for the time is sure to arrive—that they themselves are completely helpless by their own merits.  They will realize that by surrendering and allowing Me to care for them as their spouse, that their fear, turmoil and suffering will end in true peace and joy and total happiness.

Bless you, My little one. Peace.