Vol IV Lesson 18

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Volume IV Lesson #18




My dear little one, I am your Jesus of Mercy Who comes to embrace your soul, to love, to guide, to teach, to pro­tect and to comfort. I am here with you now, desiring to give another Lesson to the people of My Heart. I shall continue to speak My words and dictate them to you as long as My people continue to listen and work on overcoming their obstacles by surrendering to the Truth, accepting My Love and guidance.

I wish tonight, My little one, to continue on the topic of patience. I have mentioned patience before, but now I wish to speak further on the subject. I wish for My people to bear their tribulations with patience. Bear the offenses against you for God’s sake, your neighbor’s sake and the sake of your­self. Whatever good or evil you do, you do for or against yourself!

Have compassion on those who do evil against you. Have compassion on their sins. If they do good, offer it to God. If they do bad, pray for them, have compassion and try to help them. When someone competes with you, lose if you want to win! The way of salvation is in the way of losing. If someone speaks ill of you, bear it with patience and help him by speaking worse of yourself. If someone offends you, bear it patiently for the love of God and in remission of your sins. Do not offend anyone! Bear patiently without complaining.

You are blessed, those who keep their sins and the good­ness of God before their eyes. Do not expect God to reward you. Blessed are you who do not seek consolation from man or seek justice! Remember, holy men do good and suffer evil. It is far greater to suffer and bear patiently an offense against you than to fast and mortify yourself. What good would it do to fast and then seek justice for an offense, even if invalid or not true?

Those who bear their tribulations with patience always keep their sins before their eyes, and therefore, are not weakened. It is a great virtue to overcome yourself. Look at yourself and continually work in yourself, on yourself and for yourself, seek­ing spiritual consolations. If you overcome yourself, you will be able to overcome your enemies. Just as good can be twisted into evil, evil can be turned into something good! This is all in man. Man has within himself things that only God sees, and so, can do good as well as bad, contingent on free will.

Therefore, I say to not seek justice or a reward when some­one has done an injustice or offense against you. You all have sin and the right to be purified. The quicker you embrace pa­tience, the less you will suffer, and you will be saved. Look to God, and seek only God, not reward or consolation from anyone under Heaven. Do not complain. If you are weak in patience and complain, the more you will be burdened. Fight against vices and treat tribulations and humiliations with patience. Bow under holy obedience, and the task will be easier for you.

I tell you this because if you are in a state of love, com­passion, and patience, no matter what destruction were to happen, you would not be harmed. It would not hurt you. The devils try harder to disgust you when you endure with patience or labor fighting insults with kindness. You are being saved, and they wish for you to live in their own disgust. Whatever man does to you, he does to himself; so be compassionate on his sins, and be patient.

Look at your own sins, and you will see your own wretchedness, instead of seeking justice or reward. I love you to teach you! You do not love unconditionally and do not understand the mystery of My Love. You wish to be blessed and saved without going through purification and self-mortification. You do not want to labor. You want to be honored. The Father does not bestow His grace on the proud, but the humble! To be honored, you will be blamed in order to surface humility which destroys evil and is the enemy to sin.

Patience is the virtue to tame the blows of evil through sin against yourself, and the offenses of others. Pray and endure. Fight against the vices. Make a conscious effort not to seek rebuttal in your favor, but look to God to defend you through your lowliness. Pray. Pray. Pray. Prayer is the beginning and fulfillment of goodness.

My dear one, be thankful I humble Myself before the Eyes of My Father to teach the Truth! My words seem harsh; but remember, My Life is your Way! I am the Way. I am your crown, and it is by holy patience you walk unto Me. I chose you. You did not choose Me. If you wish to walk with Me, you must walk My Way, not your way.

If these words are harsh to My people, it is because they choose to walk a different path. All can make judgments on My words, but it is I Who have the final say. My Father asked Me to walk the Way for you. Those who are Mine walk the same Way My Mother did! So can you!  Peace.

Ad Deum.