Vol IV Lesson 19

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume IV Lesson #19

St. Peter’s Baptistry



My dear child, I, your Lord and Teacher, come here with you. As I asked Peter to make a final decision to fol­low Me, I ask you. You are a follower through heart, not so much in knowledge. This is why I teach you My Truth through heart. I teach you directly. The heart lives My knowl­edge. My people may find it difficult to comprehend My words to you as “the” Lord, but I am; and I choose whom I desire to reach all My people.

Living samples of My Love I mold My chosen, no matter how impure. This is the way that My people can be certain of My teaching. If you were all-knowing, a scholar in theol­ogy or of My Life and teachings, it would be unlikely for My people to be persuaded. But you are a sinner and impure yet in the Eyes of God. I shall make you My Love and Mercy for the world to see that I am a merciful and loving God, pulling you out from the midst of your wretchedness into the cleanli­ness of My Kingdom, providing hope for My chosen people of Israel!

My people learn through patience. Those who put aside their selfishness can only then obtain self-love in Me. You must have a self-love to truly love, but this self-love is one which only focuses on God. This self-love denies himself, and only desires to obtain that which God wills. Those who truly love their very self will truly love. I teach of what this self-love entails because it is not by the definition of this world’s standard. The self-love I teach is this: To love Me, at all costs, first above your desires, to be patient and to endure.

Happy and willing are they to rejoice in Me when all is well, but do not rejoice willingly when the time indicates uneventful fruits according to their standards. You wish to follow Me only for the moment when all seems well, but cannot follow Me with the cross.

True followers and lovers love Me so unconditionally that they desire only Me; and the fruits from the vine mature and ripen. This is self-love and total union, not worrying over trivial ways of living, bearing with patience, and being balanced and committed to My Love, regardless of the times when things are good or bad.

Remember, I give you Peace; Peace, not as the world knows. Those who are burdened, yet completely abandoned unto Me, live in My Peace. It is a Peace of union, like hav­ing a meal together, breaking bread, moving forward and not dwelling on the past.

This is self-love when, especially in the times of distur­bance, that unity of the lover and the sinner is transfigured into unity of lover to lover. The cross then becomes the link between the North and South, East and West. The trials of the follower, through the cross, become the sweetness and fruit­ful consummation of the total union. This is when the self is purified to be found worthy in the Eyes of God to love as God loves and to be merciful as God is Mercy.

Today I ask My people as I asked Peter, and I ask you. Do you love Me? Then feed My lambs. Make your decision, your final commitment, and your confusion will dissipate. Then all obstacles will become the gateways. Then your desire will be only that of Mine, and then can self-love commence leading to the union of the “consummation of My Love”.

I love you, My dear one. That is why I discipline you, to teach you. If I did not love, I would not break you, nor would I have been broken in humble resignation to save you. Let us now pray to the Father. Come, forget the past. Let us move forward together. Let us “break bread” and love in unity.  Ad Deum.