Vol IV Lesson 22

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume IV Lesson #22




My dear one, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak! All who come to Me can be strengthened. I have said that all you need is the faith of one mustard seed. Behold, those who can surrender to Me and trust in Me, can be molded and strengthened. It leads to the spirit being willing and allowing the weakness to reflect strength because I am Strength.

If you try to live in prayer and truth, in love and kindness, I will assist your endeavors because of your willingness. The flesh must be disciplined to carry out the fulfillment of the Word. This comes through willingness and desire, but also taking heed of the Word through action.

I am the Word because “I AM.” If you have a desire to seek heavenly bliss, then follow this much merited grace. See with all of your heart that which brings fruits of the vine. The fruits of the vine will ripen from the vine. I am the Vine. As you have seen vineyards that bear fruit, only sweet fruit is pro­duced from the strength of the vine. The way of your world is one which lacks discipline of the flesh to the call of prayer and unity, but reflects destruction through violence.

Look to your historians who speak of the past, and learn that it is most necessary to forgive, and important to take heed of the consequences which could always follow suit once again through lack of unity, dishonesty, and economic monetary empires seeking control and power.

I ask My people to take the disciplinary measures to follow Me by living My Word. This is the fulfillment of the Word because I am the Word, and I fulfilled the law of Him Who sent Me. Please, please take note of your indigent ways, and pray to the living God. Liken to Me by following My Word and living it. Study the Word. Be a scholar through simpleness, and desire to know the Word. You cannot know the Word if you do not hear the Word. Do not be willing only in spirit. Be disciplined to be strong in flesh by taking the steps to live it!

I love you, My dear one, and I love those who are so much seeking life because I am Life! The shepherd loves all His sheep. Look at the true meaning of the parable of the shepherd. It has always been the same as in yesteryears. The Shepherd still lives! Thank you, My dear one, for the commitment to My Love. I thank all My people who are committed in love. This is where the living vessels become the Living Word.

Peace to you. Ad Deum.