Vol IV Lesson 23

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume IV Lesson #23





My dear one, look to console instead of being consoled. Do not look to hear words of yourself and your ac­tions that would please you! Look to be at the assistance of others.

I am your Lord Who, at this time, desires that My chosen forget themselves and tend to Me! Quiet the mind and ac­knowledge how unproductive it is to seek consolation from others. You need to seek only Me. It delays your journey when you desire a human to support or evaluate your spiritual performance, when only the Eyes of God can see your interior motives!

I wish for My people to reflect upon this. If I am at your center, then there is no need to hear words of people’s praise only to fill a momentary pleasure. This is selfishness, and should be avoided! It is detrimental to anyone’s growth, hurts and sufferings included. Seek to serve others. Listen, pray and achieve all that is good through serving others and listening to their painful cries. This will turn into your consolation.

When I say to forget yourselves, I am speaking of loving Me by denying your humanness, in order that I may live in union with your willingness. There are many of My people who live in pain and are in need of love and the embrace of comfort. Console these, My people. You are gathered to be in community to love and to console one another in times of need and care. But do not seek consolation from others, as it relates to praises; yet graciously accept it when it comes. Simply avoid seeking after it, but console others. It is not as important to be understood as to understand; because if you live in Me and I in you, then you are understood by God.

Remember, through Him all things came to be, and apart from Him nothing came to be. It is only He you need to love. I understand because I am the Word Who became Flesh.

Let your spirit exalt in your Savior and put to rest your hu­man behaviors, desiring praises of humans. I love My people. All who live the Word are chosen!  Remember, you did not choose Me; it is I Who chose you. Those who know the Word know they did not choose, but were chosen.

Peace, My dear one. Ad Deum.