Vol IV Lesson 24

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume IV Lesson #24

Park Regina Margharita



My dear one, I speak now words for My people in order that they do not become discouraged, but will have hope in their God; for I will not abandon them.

In your world today, there exists much strife. There is the inequality of man. The rich are richer, the poor are the poorest of poor. There exists the fear of destruction, if not by military force, then by socio-economic or human means. There exists hunger, pain, suffering and devastating illnesses. There is much evil, both physical and moral, which makes the world entangled with greater tensions and contradictions. It has be­come a threat to human freedom and leads to uneasiness.

The Church shares in this uneasiness where moral issues exist and fundamental human cultures are splitting, the depth of the dichotomy stemming from man himself. People feel alienated. This results in “desacralization”, where nothing is sacred. The suffering of moral decay, in spite of the appear­ances of men, results in dehumanization, which affects society and humanity.

But I come still to encourage you to unity because the grace and center of mercy is My Mother Who has known the depth and breadth of My Way through My Death. It is she who understands the mysticism of the Cross which man cannot fully embrace.

Mercy flows out to those who seek mercy. I am Mercy. My Mother is your Mother of Mercy. She displays Her virtue of hope. She is Love because I am Love; and all who live in this Love, live in Me through her. She is your Mother of Comfort, Grace and Elegance–the most perfect incarnation of equality and justice!!

Those who are merciful know mercy. Those who are merciful know love. Help each other, My dear people, and unite. My love exists in all. There should not have to exist two ends of a spectrum, but equality! You are all so worried about your own selves that you fail to truly see yourself. If you see others in their holiness and light, by serving, assist­ing, giving and helping, you will be tending to your very own needs.

Be sensitive to the poor, the hungry, and the dying, who only know the reality of loneliness and darkness. Free yourselves interiorly by striving for equality and freedom for all.

I love you, My dear people, whether you believe in My words or not! The Truth in My words follows that which I have lived for your life and freedom. I do not force you to listen and accept these as My words, but the day will come that you will know these words are Truth, for I am the Truth! Nothing I have said is against My teachings of My time. Focus on living My Word, uniting in freedom and equality instead of expending your energy on analyzing the truth and validity.

If you live My Way, you can be sure you are living My Truth. Allow your actions to speak My Truth and verify the authenticity of love you claim as your own.

Peace to you. Ad Deum.