Vol IV Lesson 25

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume IV Lesson #25

Inside the cave grotto of St. Rufino, Assisi




My dear child, here is My place of refuge. The choir of birds chant their love songs to God. My Francis relied upon My Rufino, for he had the grace of true contempla­tion and joy. Here, now, you pray and take My words for My people.

Sing to God the Father, My beloved people, love chants and praises. Absorb the presence of the joy He gives to the crea­tures of the earth, which you have inherited until you claim your inheritance of Heaven. Safe and sound are the good fruits of the land God preserves for you. Rejoice in Him! Never cease rejoicing, for He gives even in your sinfulness.

Seek the quiet intimacy of truth and joy through contem­plation and prayer of thanksgiving to your Father. He is good, as I am good because of Him. Because of Him, I am! Those who live in the Truth of the Word, in love of Him, need never fear, because they are forever safe in Him. Through His Name alone they claim safety.

Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!

Peace lives in the Truth of His Word; Peace lives in Him. He is the Word. I am the Word because of Him Who sent Me. Blessed be My Father. Blessed be the Gloria of songs. Blessed be My Spirit, the Holy Spirit given to you because of Me. I am because of My Father. Therefore, blessed be My Father through Whom all good things come! Blessed be this earth He has created!

All who claim His Name live in His righteousness and are good, for nothing can exist in goodness unless it is of God. The evil may seem good at first, but the Truth shall always come to light. I give you My Peace interiorly, even though, amongst the world you live, there are those who do not desire peace.

My Father is Peace, and He has given Me to you. Be not afraid, but take courage and know that I am alive.  I dwell amongst you!

Praise, praise, praise be to My Father! I suffered death only to conquer the world in order that you may have Life. Praise to Him, for I have risen! You shall never have to suffer the depth I have because of My Father! Praise Him that you have Me and your life hereafter. He is Good, and you are blessed to know Him! Peace.