Vol IV Lesson 26

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Volume IV Lesson #26

St. Rufino speaking to Gianna inside the cave, Assisi

July 7, 1992


PRAYER OF JOY (Given by St. Rufino)


Lord, O’ my Lord, I am a wretched sinner

Pleading for your Mercy

On this poor soul.


Grant that I may see and live

Freely Your Joy now and forever.

Have mercy on me.

I do not deserve joy of you;

But if you see this poor sinner

As Your Joy in Your Mercy,

I can live in union with You in Joy.

Blessed be God,

For He shall have mercy

On those who seek Him purely


Strip me of my ugliness.

Renew me in Your Holiness.

Come, my Lord, come.

O’ come to this poor wretched sinner.

May all the world know of my wretchedness

So I may experience and live

In Your Joy forever.


Come, O’ Grace of Joy.

Come, your spouse awaits you.

Not shall these lips rejoice

Until my Joy, my Savior enlightens me

By breathing His Joy upon me.

Praise be to God. Amen. Amen.