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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume IV Lesson #29




My dear one, I bring you here to the first place Francis commenced his Order, even though this is your last place of prayer while here. I bring you here last, because it is the beginning of a life in My Truth and Love.

In this Lesson I wish for all My people to know of My desire for a community of laity to form. I have asked you three times to form this community. It is for those who are not in the politics of the Church, but who are the strength, the backbone to My Church, the spiritual and those righteous in Me, My laity who are strong in unity and in the communion of love to one another.

The rules are established, but it is the spirit of love and understanding and prayer that will be the strength of the com­munity:  forgiveness and living simple lives, focusing solely on the goodness of God through praises and songs of peace and companionship, living the good Word for others to return back to Me, and also living in harmony and love.

This community is to be called “Jesus of Mercy,” and I shall oversee its ways. I shall al­ways protect you. There are many who have not been called to My blessings of the priesthood, but desire as Francis lived, in the Word, in an active world of poverty, yet richness in spirit. This community is for My men and women not called to vo­cation of religious sanctity, but called to be in a community of holiness, sanctified through love and harmony and through forgiveness, prayer, and mercy.

I ask you this and dictate these words to you in a form of a Lesson because I want to make sure there is no mistake of My desire for My holy community of laity. You, My child, shall be the coordinator, not to command but to help discern those who are in need, and also to oversee the freedom of the spirit of the community. All are to follow the rules I have estab­lished, but to live freely in the growth of the spirit, not through dictatorship but through love; to follow chastity, poverty and obedience, as related by the community laws.

I need My people to give to Me all of themselves, so I can give to them more. If My com­munity is not formed because of your free will, I will continue to wait for you, and ask you to come to Me, to allow Me to love you. This is an open invitation for you to follow and live My Way, not only in a life of religious sanctity, but in a sanctified life in your world.

My people of today are not desiring My Way. They have forgotten Me, and they remember Me as a distant God, not tangible or alive in their hearts. I desire for My people to come back to Me, but it is not by My speech now that this will be viable. Words mean nothing to the people today. Action and the spirit of the life of the community is what will be the proof of My words.

Come, all ye, My laity, and live this life of Mine in My Love.  Be the sample for My world and bring back My people through your ways of unity, love, and the spirit of compassion and forgiveness.

I love My people. How I love them! I talk to you here, in the same place I spoke to My Francis, because as My Love and Spirit lived then, It exists today. My Love has never changed, even though the ways of time change. As My people believed the Truth of My Francis, because of My words they will believe My words today; for My chosen, My sheep, know My Voice.

Ad Deum.  Never lose heart. Take courage. Peace.


(The married couples component to the “Jesus of Mercy” Community of the Laity has operated locally in the Emmitsburg area since 1994.  At this time, 2007, there are no plans to extend it beyond this area.)