Vol IV Lesson 3

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume IV Lesson #3

October 9, 1991



My dear one, your tears are only healing from Me, cleansing you of your own need, realizing your need is Me and only Me! What I want all My people to know is that I call them to total purity with Me.

I highly esteem souls who wish to tend and adore Me, as I tend and adore them. Follow the way of My Mother. All of her glory came to exist because of Me. How I wish all to adore Me and tend lovingly and tenderly to Me as she! How I long to rest My head on My beloved ones!

Times are difficult for many, but I am here with you on earth and in heaven. I desire so for My people to adore and tend to Me. Suffering is painful, yet joy can exist because I can grace you with this virtue. If you do not have My joy, perhaps My purification of suffering in your turmoil is enough for you.

Acceptance in peace with trust, moment to moment, gives you strength to receive whatever grace I deem fit. Remember, you merit nothing! It is given to you. I am in everyone as if that person is the only person who exists in the world! So do not think some days I am with you and some not. This cannot be!

Oh, how blessed are they who quietly accept, without rec­ognition and compensation for their efforts, their suffering when they feel nothing, and yet desire only to tend to Me and adore me! It is true intimacy when the closer you get to the reign of God, the farther you think you are; and so you humble yourself unto Me, as I humbled Myself unto you to the point of self death.

Blessed are those who believe in My Word and accept it. I am not calling you to change the world through My Word. I am asking you to live the Word and see the world change before you! Blessed is He who sent Me, and blessed is he who believes in Him.

My Father knows that anyone who would do anything for Me would never deny Him, for We are One! I bless you all, My dear beloved ones. Come in purity to Me and adore and tend to Me, as I tend and adore you! Enter into My marriage without noting gender, only noting purity. Peace. Ad Deum.