Vol IV Lesson 30

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Volume IV Lesson #30




My dear one, I am your Jesus now in the form of a Presence you are aware of, but I tell you that I am with you even when you think you are alone! Better to believe without the affections of the senses to assist you, for this can only deceive you.

I live in your spirit. I am in your soul. The soul itself does not have feelings. The spirit of the soul is beneath the surface of the senses. For this reason, I have stripped you in order that there would be no mistake in interpretation of My Word!

My dear one, how good it is to have My people tend to Me. How good it is to have you all for Me! You are tending to Me in the silence of your heart; not only silencing your mouth, ears, mind and sight, but your heart. It is this silence of the heart I wish to speak of to My people.

In order to have a clean, pure heart, there must be a silent one. A silent heart is one stripped of the feelings of emotion; but in the presence of My Spirit, which molds the soul and sus­pends it in a form which adores God. It is a centered silence, centered on God. You cannot see God unless your heart is clean! I have said, “Blessed are the clean of heart, for they shall see God.” When your heart is silent, you can see God everywhere and in everyone, because your heart is pure.

If My people would quiet their minds, adore Me and come follow Me, seeking after My Way, they would be likened to the saints, My saints. It is My desire for all My people to seek and follow My Way with purity of heart. I hide nothing from you. Silence your heart, and you shall see Me. I give to you all of My being , and I await all of your being! I will never force you because of My Love for you, and the fruit of My Love for you is My service to you. The fruit of this service is the silence of My heart! I am the whisper, the cool gentle breeze refreshing your scorched soul. Silence the heart and live in faith of Me. The fruits to bear all will be of love and service returning back to Me in My Heart where My silence of Love exists.

Always unite together and avoid disputes. Whoever is for Me cannot be against Me. I am the Word made Flesh.

Peace, My dear one. Give to Me, My people, the silence of your heart; and I shall give to you a clean, pure heart, a heart that sees God. Ad Deum.