Vol IV Lesson 31

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Volume IV Lesson #31





My dear one, it is the humble and contrite heart I will not despise. It is the heart that yearns for My goodness I will not turn from. I find pleasure in those who seek Me with a fervent heart, with persistence and with self-giving surrender.

A humble heart is a heart who loves what is Heavenly in the midst of a human existence. A humble heart is one who always wills and desires that which is most acceptable to Me, that which will please Me best. It is one who seeks his/her will to be My Will always and follows it with a resig­nation of total surrender.

When I came from Heaven for your salvation, I took upon Myself all your pain, suffering and miseries, not because of the necessity, but because of My Mercy, Love and Charity for you. You, in turn, must give all for all. If your love is pure, and if you are humble of heart, you will be free and not held bound to anything!

Be at peace and resigned to listen and pray and to do good according to the pleasure of God, and you will not be at a loss. If you seek merry things for your own interest, you will not find rest or freedom or peace; because in everything for which you search, defect will always exist. But if you are humble of heart, continuously searching to please God and tending to Heav­enly things, you will secure a lasting foundation, one seeded in great wisdom and purity.

Things will pass away, and even My people will pass away with them; but I am He Who does not change! I understand all and sit in judgment of vanity and affliction of spirit. So come to Me, you of humble and meek heart—a heart meek with strength and endurance, not losing courage, but striving for good. Blessed are the humble and meek of heart.  They will inherit the land!