Vol IV Lesson 33

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume IV Lesson #33




My dear one, today I would like to speak of the poorest of the poor. You live in a society of people who should live together in love, in union, in harmony and in peace, but it is not that way. My people are poor–poor in spirit–lacking the charitable gifts, searching for the touch of love and acceptance, and thirsting for truth, peace and harmony. Even My people, who have the gift of having more than others, are poorer than the poor.

First, look to your own family. Look in-house to your brothers and sisters. See how poor they are, and charitably give yourself. Forgive and accept with love. Remember the way of My Mother! Follow Her way, and She will lead you into the Wounds of My Heart where My Mercy exits. Her way, again, is to listen, to assist, to love and to pray. If you begin, thus, first with your own brothers and sisters, then you can tend to the poor existing outside your walls. Then identify yourself with the poor of My people you serve, because you are as poor!  Share the wonder of My Love. Remember what I have taught you. Your vocation is not your career or profession in life. Your vocation is that you belong to Me!

My people are losing their human dignity. My people are poor, and they lack the desire to utilize their gift of faith. Serve My people! Give to them yourself! Give to them a humble heart of love. Do not try to escape this path of love for the least of Mine, for you strip your own humanity of dignity, which will ultimately return, henceforth, back to you. Learn from one another. Seek the Face of God, and adore Him in all. My people live for and by monetary means. I tell you to live for, by and through Me!! Give wholeheartedly of yourself. My people today are becoming poorer and poorer.

It is time for all to awaken to this disastrous devastation about to eliminate humanity from the face of the earth!

Please! Please, My dear people, you are all suffering. I have many lovers for My Heavenly Kingdom, but few who are willing to bear My Cross and serve the needs of others, especially My poorest of poor in the poverty of love. Do not choose whom you would prefer to love and to serve; but, without prejudice, serve and love all; because, whether they acknowl­edge My Love or not, I exist in and amongst them.

Only those who willingly condemn My Love through their last breath condemn their own souls. My love is enduring and saves up until your last breath. Therefore, My beloved, begin to love at home, and it will be easier to love the outside. The more you love your family and all those you meet in your life, the more deep will be your love for Me. For you cannot say you “love Me,” and then not show this same love for My people. All are of Me!  If you love Me, you will love them, regardless of sin.

Peace to you, My dear people. I love you. Do you love Me? Then come to Me by loving Me through loving one another, and restore your humanity’s dignity. Be no longer poor, but be the richness of life’s breath through Love!! Ad Deum.