Vol IV Lesson 34

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Volume IV Lesson #34



My dear one, today I would like My people to know how I desire intimate happiness to be their way of life! I do not wish My people to seek emptiness or failure. I wish for them to be happy and at peace. Do not lose your sense of “self.” Use the talents and gifts given to you. Invest in a success that is of God, instead of investing in a worship of success through various means enmeshed in performance!

Lose your life for My sake, and you shall find it. I am speak­ing of your human, mortal life away from Me. Succeed in Me! Be last, and you shall be first. This is an intentional  failure, seeking and following My Way. Not having is the way to receive Eternal Life’s success! Your culture today does not permit for this kind of behavior. Thus I tell you, what is impos­sible with humans is possible through Me. For I am the Way, and I am Happiness, and I am Success! Do not see Me as an instrument of your happiness, but see Me as the intrinsic Way of Life that you seek for your own sake.

You are like fine cloth woven in My Love! I ask you not to immunize yourself against your own failing. See it as a growth in My Love and a growth in your humility to exemplify My Love in purity.

I love you so and hope you will see that My desire for you is happiness. I am happy when you are happy! I want you to never lose sight of the Truth. I ask My Father’s protection on you because of your innocence. Do not lose sight of the Truth or allow the evil one to pollute your visual clarity. Stay close to Me, at all costs, through your faith. Believe in Me, and fail­ure will not exist because you will believe in yourself! Treat yourself as if you are Me because I am in you! Be kind to yourself, and you will be kind to Me. Love yourself tenderly, even through your failures, and you will love Me. Seek to serve others, and you will be serving Me.

Love yourself purely, but do not deceive yourself and take pride or boast in yourself. Boast in God; and if you live in Me, you will live humble ways and will boast in the pure of heart and tend to My lowly. Peace to you.