Vol IV Lesson 35

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Volume IV Lesson #35




My dear little one, do ordinary things with extraordinary love! Have fidelity to the little things you do. Be at peace, and believe with all of your heart in My Love for you, and that I am by your side. Everything you do, do as if it were for Me. Be proficient, yet gentle. Touch everything with an extraordinary love. This is how, in your ordinariness, you become extraordinary!

You must believe in Me and trust so fervently in Me as to be able to see Me in everything and everyone. If you see Me in everything and everyone, you will be loving, gentle and kind, if you love Me! For whatever you do to the least of your brothers, you do to Me.

See yourself as doing good. The image of the world has surrounded you through advertisements and has set the tone of a “good life”. The only life that is “good” is the only life that lives, and this Life is in Me.

See Me as your resource of happiness, for I desire you to be happy. Put aside your anxieties and absorb your energy in Me, which will influence a concrete response. Don’t wrestle with your inadequacies, but embrace Me and allow Me to be the inspirational challenge to your successful walk!

Take the time to do all your chores and recreation with extraordinary love. You will never be left alone in this abandoned world of humanity. Come and see the creation of God through the Eyes of God! Take time to contemplate. Take the loving “touch of love” to all your works, and be a follower of extraordinary love. The people of your world are hastily working and take care only of the things of meaning as they perceive; but all is meaningful, if I have created all!

Do not select only that which you desire to love. Take time, and love the small works you do. You will find much joy and peace when you devote extraordinary love in the ordinary tasks, the small jobs done on a daily basis. If you can take care of the small items, then you will be able to love and tend to bigger projects with the same love. This extraordinary love will become your way, and you will live in union with Me.  The way you treat one another, no matter what position or title in life you hold, will be of the same love if you start to love all the weak and the strong with a gentle, extraordinary care.

I love you all and only desire your love to live in the union of the Holy Trinity. My words are for you because My Love is for you Because of you, My Father sent Me. He loves you. I am for you!   Ad Deum.